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WWAA services support local and statewide agricultural viability, through both direct leadership and indirect participation. Natural resources conservation and recovery initiatives, agricultural research and extension programs, and agricultural preservation actions dominate our work on a daily and annual basis. Our organization’s diverse membership, coupled with this region’s complexity, create for an immense and ongoing list of commitments and services/activities.


Much of WWAA’s support for this community is hidden in the background of dike, drainage, and irrigation infrastructure and natural resource projects/stewardship seen throughout the Skagit Valley and Delta. Other than by those directly involved, WWAA investment to advance each goes unrecognized, which is a testament to the benefit and effectiveness each program provides.

Special Purpose District Commitments


These Class 1 soils of the Skagit, with high concentrations of clays and sands, can only remain fertile for the many different crops locally grown if they are:

  • protected by many miles of dikes from the tidal salt water of Skagit, Padilla, and Samish Bays,

  • adequately drained by many miles of constructed ditches and modified sloughs during periods of high rainfall, and

  • seasonally irrigated utilizing water captured in that same network of watercourses.


We work with the local irrigation districts to ensure that water supply and drainage is maintained for agricultural purposes. READ MORE

Farm, Fish, Flood Initiative (3FI)


In 2011, Western Washington Agricultural Association with a broad group of governmental and private organizations met and initiated the Farm, Fish, and Flood Initiative (3FI). This collaborative body of natural resource managers met and continue to meet to create, develop, and implement land management goals and opportunities that benefit agricultural viability, salmon population recovery, and catastrophic flood protection across our local landscape. ​READ MORE

Skagit Tidegate and Fish Initiative (TFI)


In 2006, it was clear that tidegate repair and replacement, those activities necessary and imperative for drainage and irrigation districts, would require lengthy permitting and variable mitigation, if permitted on a case-by-case basis, and would likely create multiple obstacles for district commissioners. ​READ MORE

Skagit Drainage and Fish Initiative (DFI)


The Skagit Drainage and Fish Initiative (DFI) brought together the agricultural community with state and tribal entities in 2006 in a collaborative process to design and implement necessary planning, environmental documentation and permitting for the drainage districts’ maintenance activities. ​READ MORE

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