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Our Farms

North Puget Sound agriculture produces and ships fresh market fruits and vegetables, vegetable seed stock, and processed fruit products across the United States as well as oversees. This region's new potatoes are world renowned and consumed because of their unique flavor, soft skins, and consistent production. Beet, cabbage, spinach and other seed crops are specifically grown in these counties, reinforced through county codes and state laws to protect these important crops.


Visitors from all over North America, and in some cases other continents, travel to the Skagit Valley each spring to view hundreds of acres of tulips, daffodils, and other flowers. The family-owned dairies that were once evenly and densely distributed across America are still interwoven among this agricultural landscape. Dozens of other agricultural crops and products derive from, or are suitably grown in the north Puget Sound, by our diverse and generational farmers.

The passion and perseverance of our agricultural members and neighbors help preserve farming, and maintain its economic and cultural significance on this changing landscape. Agriculture’s place and influence are integral to our society’s collective future.

WWAA Membership

If you are a farmer or business that supports farming in Western Washington you need to be a member of WWAA. Join us today

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